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Lady Ibiam Girls’ Secondary School, situated in Independence Layout, Enugu is surrounded by the National Library of Nigeria, Enugu branch, NTA Enugu, Enugu House of Assembly and Enugu State Office for

Women Affairs, as well as the Universal Hotel, the Development Education Center and Community Bank, and the Enugu State Broadcasting Service.

Lady Ibiam Girls’ Secondary School is sited on a large ground allocated to United Church Women by Late Chief Echeme Emole, then Minister for Lands under Hon. Michael Okpara. A master plan has been produced by

Architect Tonye Tasie, the Founder’s grandson with provision to accommodate future structures.

Already, the students have provision for Track and Field, Athletics and Football as well as practical Agricultural Education. 

The School follows the approved national curriculum from the Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council (NERDC).

In addition to the above, the syllabi of the Education Boards are equally employed.

Lady Ibiam Girls’ Secondary School attained SSIII with core students in 2002 and has the approval of the Federal and State governments.

The school has been commended by NECO Inspectors and other relevant organizations for offering genuine education.

LIGGS aims for excellence and categorically has zero tolerance for malpractice.

Lady Ibiam Girls’ Secondary School is ICT compliant.
The school is equipped with Laboratories for Sciences, Languages, Music, Food/Nutrition and a growing Library. The Computer Lab has 36 computers. The 

French Language Lab is supported by Alliance Francaise that has commended and rewarded exceptional students who have captured prizes in tough competitions.

Students have also been awarded prizes at Enugu State Spelling Competitions and other events.

A second hostel block and the first 1/6th of an 18 classroom block have been erected. The improved sports facility incorporates track and other field activities: Football, Basketball, Volleyball, a Badminton Court, 

Table Tennis and equipment for Javelin and Shot Put.

In terms of mobility, there is a 20-seater School Bus and a large vehicle operated by PTA. The insecurity of the era informed the instant raising of the boundary fencing, capping it with security wire.

A 40 KVA generator and solar lighting completes the critical security contingencies.

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